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Tips Tricks Coloring with Crayon

Tips Tricks Coloring With Crayon

Begin coloring of parts in more detail such as eyes, fingers, toes, or mouth.
Use colors that are older or darker first and then use a lighter color or younger.
Paint the entire portion of the image so that no part of the image is empty.
Color images evenly to avoid causing patches of color in the image.
Use the gradation technique that we learned earlier that the colors in the image look more alive and more beautiful. Coloring Pages for Kids.
Be careful when coloring at the edges of the image or on the point of difference in color so that the color used is not out of line that has been determined in the color image that we use.
Check back images that have been colored so that no parts are missing to be colored.
Use pengerok tool to provide additional effect on the image.
After all the dyeing process is completed, tebalkanlah back lines on the drawing using pencil 8B has been prepared in advance.
So tips and tricks coloring with crayons what I can tell, and as a conclusion of three glowing article about how color images using this crayon necessary stages. Printable Coloring Pages.

Stage 1
Prepare the entire tools and materials for coloring with crayons.

Phase 2
Perform blocking on the image either with linear and circular techniques.

Phase 3
Give a touch of color gradation with the rhythm in order to create a natural-looking color gradations.

Stage 4
Perform pengerokan with pengerok tool that has been prepared to add effects or reduce the intensity of the color.

Stage 5
Check back images that have been colored so that no part is left dirty or part of the paper while smoothing the image parts that still feels rough and do thickening the outline of the image when necessary. Coloring Pages in PDF.

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